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Our woven lanyards have light weight and distinctive appearance. These rugged lanyards have a chunky feel making them eye-catching! Our woven lanyards have fine weave size, allowing more intricate designs to be embroidered into the polyester twill fabric. Up to 4 colours can be used, but this lanyard is more suited to simple logos and texts. We can weave a repeating design, spaced long the length of the lanyard, or a single design along the whole length.

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We can print on several different materials , the most popular is material T13.

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Ted Gifted Lanyards

Our company has been existing on market for over 8 years. Over that time it has come a long way and developed to be a forward thinking, constantly developing company with a passion. Our team consists of experienced workers - designers, technical staff and account managers.

Our success has been built around modern printing technology and a wide range of products, accessories and materials offered.


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