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Sublimation printing, in fullcolor on different materials. Quantity of colors in the design does not affect the price.

Z1 Sublimation printing

Sublimation printing is a modern printing technique that is safe and friendly for the environment. With its production there are no dangerous substances, making it an ideal way to care for the environment. This technology perfectly meets the requirements of today's market - fast and easy production. Print (CMYK) is made with special inks on transfer paper and then under high pressure and temperature is transmitted to the object covered with polyester paint. Each printing needs to be with the pressure, temperature and time. For example, for printing on aluminum gadgets using heat presses we use the pressure of 5000 Pa at a temperature of 195 ° C in about 40 seconds.

Order a sample package and check the quality of our products.
The possibility of any configuration of used materials, accessories and printing.
We are ECO! Choice of ecological products made in Europe.

Ted Gifted Lanyards

Our company has been existing on market for over 8 years. Over that time it has come a long way and developed to be a forward thinking, constantly developing company with a passion. Our team consists of experienced workers - designers, technical staff and account managers.

Our success has been built around modern printing technology and a wide range of products, accessories and materials offered.


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