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Is it worth exhibiting at the fair?

Among the many questions related to industry events, one of the most popular will certainly be "is it worth exhibiting at the fair?" The honest answer will be: it depends. More precisely, it depends on whether the event that interests your client is respected by contractors and entrepreneurs and whether it is well organized. Brands cooperating with your agency in a given industry certainly know what is being said and which events should be kept secret. If your company is taking its first steps on the market, it is good to read industry magazines and check the social media of individual events. Thanks to this, it will certainly be possible to consciously choose where the company should appear. The situation can also be the opposite: if the client's brand has participated in several events, but has not been satisfied with the effects of the activities so far, it is worth considering whether the position has been well planned. Trade fairs require the determination of several important matters, and above all, planning individual issues and segregation of duties. What specific aspects should be taken into account when deciding on an advertising fair?

Trade fairs - what should be done before buying a stand?

The issue of how to prepare a stand for the fair should be considered before signing up for an event or immediately after getting on the list of exhibitors. Why should you start so early? It may seem that this is a slight exaggeration but in the crowd of several dozen (or even several hundred!) Competitors will not be easy to stand out. The more time to prepare, the better for your customers - it will certainly allow you to avoid many stressful situations related to ordering advertising gadgets and other items at the last minute.

What should be included in the plan for the implementation of the stand for the trade fair?

First of all, you need to consider what the goal is to be achieved. Perhaps your client is more interested in learning about trends and news than in establishing contacts with distributors and producers. Each approach is perfectly fine, but it is worth including it all in your private agenda. Each team member should select the stands they wish to visit and the exhibitors they wish to meet in order to establish a schedule. If you work with clients specializing in the marketing or event industry, and they go to advertising fairs, it will also be good to ensure social media coverage of the event, and even crosses with other brands. How to prepare a stand for the fair? Is it worth investing in advertising gadgets? Moving on to the merits, i.e. how to prepare a stand for the fair, we will immediately suggest that both advertising gadgets and other elements, such as rollups, are a must. However, instead of focusing on the fact that these are mandatory purchases, together with your team, think carefully about how you can distinguish the customer's stand with this type of material. Despite the fact that visitors to trade fairs often say that they will not take any lanyards, calendars, or other free products with them, if they are designed in an interesting way and are functional, no one will refuse a gift. That is why it is worth investing in at least one gift that can be added to catalogs, flyers, and business cards. Your client has no idea what to propose to potential contractors so they leave the position with positive feelings. In such situations, it is worth using the help of experienced specialists, such as our designers and consultants. Ted Gifted has been operating on the market for over fifteen years, and during this time we have already helped many entrepreneurs achieve their marketing goals. We will certainly decide together what to take to the fair so that the brand stands out from the competition.

What to take to the fair?

Regardless of whether your client is going to an advertising fair or to another trade fair, the question remains what materials for visitors to the stand should be prepared? The aforementioned business cards, e.g. with a QR code, transferring to the profile on LinkedIn, product catalogs, leaflets with information about services - all this will be most useful. You should also remember about rollups. From our perspective, the most important products that should be remembered are advertising gadgets. What to take to the fair? It obviously depends on what the company cooperating with your agency does and what product will be functional for your clients. Our experience shows that matching the "giveaways" of the company's profile works best, because such products are more willingly used, and thus it is easier to build brand awareness. In our offer, you will find a wide selection of various gadgets, from small gifts such as lanyards, cloths for cleaning glasses, and caps, to deckchairs and screens. We are always open to non-standard orders, so if you know exactly what to take to the fair or you just have a unique idea, but the product is not available in the standard offer, be sure to contact our team to find out about an individual offer!


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