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Ecological advertising gadgets

The natural environment is currently exposed to numerous threats. Mass consumption of plastics effectively contributes to the deterioration of the condition of our planet. Is ecology a very important topic for your clients? Or maybe you are able to show them how important sustainable development is? In this case, you should opt for ecological advertising gadgets, which are becoming more and more popular nowadays!

Why is it worth choosing eco gadgets?

Eco gadgets are gaining popularity among brands around the world - both smaller and larger. Recycled materials are most often used for their production, thanks to which the problem with depositing plastic waste in landfills is eliminated. We encourage you to buy this type of marketing accessories, because contractors will certainly appreciate the fact that a given company pays special attention to the condition of our planet. The cost of buying in bulk by itself will also not be particularly high. We can guarantee that this investment will certainly pay off and will not disappoint the expectations of companies cooperating with your agency.

Eco gadgets - what should they be characterized by?

When you decide to work with Ted Gifted, you can be sure that our products and accessories from the ecological collection are environmentally friendly, because they are made of 100% recycled materials. However, not only our products are eco. We also take care of packaging that is also recycled! A paper wrapper, an envelope or a bag made of recycled plastic for unit packaging - your client decides what the end result of promotional materials produced in the spirit of zero waste and eco-friendly will look like. During our 15-year presence on the market, we have never been indifferent to the condition of the planet, which is why we offer our customers gadgets made of biodegradable plastics. If you want to verify our authenticity, we provide the possibility of sending free samples. Bet on professionals in your field!

Examples of ecological gadgets

There are many ecological gadgets on the market. Below we will try to present proven proposals characterized by high versatility. They can be used in almost every industry without major problems. These include: advertising lanyards, event bands, glasses cloths, bandanas and gift ribbons.

Advertising lanyards - a classic solution!

At the very beginning, we will pay attention to the most recognizable type of advertising gadgets. For many years, lanyards have been a great companion at trade fairs, but not only! With their help, you can easily store keys or IDs authorizing you to move around the area of ​​a given event. We are even convinced that every person visiting your client's position will be very eager to accept such an article. Before buying, however, you should pay attention to the materials from which the above-mentioned accessories were produced. Most often they are made of plastics so that they can provide the highest possible durability. Of course, you can opt for an ecological solution, which can also be found on our website!
The lanyards that you will find in our wide range are made of recycled materials. The print itself is placed on the material using the sublimation method to make the logo as visible as possible. Bet on functionality and care for the environment in one!

Ecological bandana - versatility and ecology!

An interesting proposition for an ecological advertising gadget may be the bandana available in our offer, which was made of recycled materials. This functional piece of clothing will surely be a great form of physical marketing in many industries. They can be used without major problems in sports shops, but also among tour operators. The undoubted advantage of this product is that it was awarded by experts in the Super Gift competition, but also gained 2nd place in the audience vote as an advertising gadget up to PLN 5.
Why is it worth investing in ecological bandanas? First of all, they are gadgets with an extremely low price, thanks to which your customers can decide to purchase a larger stock. Another advantage will be the relatively large material surface on which you can place logos or graphics prepared by brands cooperating with your agency.

Marketing and Ecology!

Pro-ecological activities will certainly contribute to the popularization of your clients' brands. The investment in environmentally friendly advertising gadgets is not as high as it may seem, so it is worth considering such a proposal. Put your choice on a trusted manufacturer, such as Ted Gifted, be interested in cooperation with a seller with over 15 years of experience on the market. We are not indifferent to the state of the natural environment!
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