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How does planning stand for the industry fair?

When visiting promotional stands, customers are looking not only for favorable offers. The better the pavilion will be presented, the greater the chance that fair visitors will spend time getting to know your client's company. What else should you remember and how to build brand awareness during industry events? Find out more about how to distinguish your company's stand at the fair in our article!

Stands at fairs - what budget should be allocated to the design of a company pavilion?

When deciding to participate in the fair, you have to remember that it is associated with costs. Of course, we do not want to scare anyone with the need to have a huge budget, but only point out that the issue of planning is very important. Perhaps your client dreams of a huge exhibition stand, but the purchase of the space will take up 80% of the funds that the company allocates to an industry event. Regardless of the financial situation, various expenses should be included in the budget, ranging from the fee for the stand itself at the fair, to ordering promotional materials, advertising gadgets, transport, and insurance. When participating in this type of event, the main point is to creatively approach the presentation of the offer. Most ambitious plans that are not matched with measures will not be effective. Therefore, the brands cooperating with your agency must ensure that the company's promotional stands have a distinctive, coherent graphic design, and an interesting shape and that there are rollups at the event site, directing interested parties to the location.

Advertising stands, which is what? Consider the goals of participating in trade fairs

Before you move on to designing a stand at a trade show for a customer, it's a good idea to set a goal for participating in an industry event. After all, no one who wants to achieve specific goals goes there just because it's just good to show off - for some entrepreneurs networking will be the most important, and for some entrepreneurs to learn about new trends for the coming months. Regardless of what the brand cooperating with you wants to achieve, remember to design the advertising stand with the activities that the client cares about the most. The nature of the fair will also be important, as the situation is different in the case of B2B contacts and B2C contacts. What will encourage a new distributor to cooperate will not necessarily be a benefit for a potential customer who wants to buy a product at a favorable price, with the help of specialists. Promotional stands should be treated individually as a separate project, not following the campaign conducted on the Internet. You will not get a specific KPI here, but it is a long-term investment. Building brand awareness with the help of advertising gadgets, professional services,s and well-designed printed materials can have really positive effects. It is enough to clearly define the course of action to make it easier to assess the progress and implementation of the plan.

Marketing strategy and the exhibition stand - what promotional activities should be used during the fair?

It may seem that an advertising stand at trade fairs is enough to stick the company's logo and guests will simply appear. However, nothing happens by itself, and the chances of acquiring customers or selling new services will increase significantly if your client takes care of the aesthetics of the purchased space. In addition to fairly typical elements, i.e. roll-ups, coffers, and special walls, it is very good to invest in promotional gadgets. Do not let anyone tell you that this is a relic - if your client's exhibition stands offered pens or lanyards with a logo, be sure to think about whether it was useful in any way for the recipients. In order for advertising gadgets to be a meaningful sales support or the process of building brand awareness, they must be properly combined with both the company's profile and its character. If the stands at the fair show features such as professionalism and expertise in a given field, a pen along with an interestingly designed calendar or outdoor setting may turn out to be a bull's eye. A more creative example may be ordering clothes for cleaning glasses (but also screens and camera lenses), or a sports backpack and a neon lanyard, if the promotional stand of the supported brand is related to e.g. trekking or running. If you have a unique idea of ​​what product would be a great advertisement for the client's business, but it is not in the standard offer, it does not matter - we are happy to deal with non-standard orders. Just contact Ted Gifted support and discuss the details!

Make sure that experienced employees run the exhibition stand!

If you want the stands at the fair to be successful, they must be run by competent people who know the company's offer very well. The ease of making contacts and how the team will present itself is also very important. Therefore, it is good to take care of consistent outfits or elements that will immediately show potential customers who to address all questions to. Promotional stands should definitely not be created at the last minute. However, in the event that there has been a sudden change of concept or the previous seller simply did not deliver the materials on time, we invite you to use the services of Ted Gifted. Our experienced designers will help you take care of the creative aspect of free gifts, and thanks to the option of placing an order in express mode, you will quickly receive the necessary advertising gadgets to promote a product or service!

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